Why are we different? 

We crave the couples who want to create an authentic, heartfelt event that truly  and uniquely reflects who you are. 

The couples who don't want just a cookie cutter wedding & would rather create something that best describes them - but most importantly, a day all about the celebration of your love .

We are IN THIS to help create a unique, personable, cool fun wedding for each of our clients - this is why we want to get to work with you from the start. There is SO much that goes into planning a wedding that for us to just come in a month prior doesn't make sense. We like to know what is going on from day one AND we like to be fully prepared.

 Now, we completely understand some couples are fully capable of planning their own wedding, I totally get that- but we just feel like if you're going to book with us, hopefully it's because you want us to fully be there throughout the process, just as much as we want to be there throughout the process with you.