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Michelle + Matthew's Minimalist White Las Vegas Wedding

There’s something so enchanting about the color white…it’s fresh, clean, and has such a pure feeling to it.  I think that’s why we loved Michelle + Matthew's so much!  Simplicity was the key and with a locations this gorgeous it fit perfectly!  We love that they wanted to get married in the dry lake bed just outside of Las Vegas, a perfect little escape from the city and moment of privacy with just their closest friends and family watching.  The bride’s style is impeccable with a fitted lace gown and a elegant soft drop veil in her chic updo.  Guests were blown away when they saw the reception at Meet Las Vegas!  The tables are covered in white with white napkins and adornments and the greenery with the flowers as the only pop of color.  This is a wedding that will never go out of style!

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