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We started specializing in Micro Wedding because to us it means having more time to celebrate with your loved ones. Our approach is exactly what you will see for Full Service- what is the difference? Guest count. Weddings with 35 or less guests. If you're thinking of eloping or envision an intimate celebration this is the service for you. 

Pricing set at a flat rate of $3,000.00

We'll direct the planning process and carefully put together your complete creative vision, including: 

- Helping you research and choose a dream team of vendors
- Having access to my time / experience / contacts / advice from now until the wedding day. No topic is off limits! 
- Creating a design concept based on your venue, budget and vision
- Be the contact person between you and vendors so give you more time to spend on the parts you love about planning your wedding
- Helping manage the wedding budget, so that you can make the most of your investment and spend money on the things that matter to you. 

- Help navigate contracts and legalities, plan all your logistics, and create an extensive timeline for the wedding day
- Being on site for as many days as you need me, to make sure everything happens as smoothly as possible.

M I C R O  W E D D I N G  
P L A N N I N G & D E S I G N

Photography by Ryan Ray
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